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Danish Style

From Wellington to Copenhagen, Georgia shares the fashion trends she saw on her trip to the Dyrberg/Kern head office in Denmark.

Danish style - A force to be reckoned with.

Georgia from the Wellington Concept store recently travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit the DYRBERG/KERN headquarters. Here’s what she had to say about the latest fashion trends in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

This was my second trip to the DYRBERG/KERN headquarters in Copenhagen and the girls in Denmark never fail to surprise me with their cool, casual style and attitude.

A natural flawlessness

The Danish girls have a natural flawlessness that I’ve always admired and strived to achieve. People in Denmark are good at dressing stylishly with a no-fuss vibe but still add something surprising to their outfits like an oversized top, cool heel, statement earring or dramatic necklace. 




Danish fashion follows function.

Their style is a streamlined, polished aesthetic, and combines on-trend silhouettes with minimal classics to create covetable street style ensembles.



Ask any girl in Copenhagen how they get around the city and they will no doubt tell you that they bike. Bangles and bracelets are functional but also uber stylish. Spotted several times was navy worn with rose gold. I love the the brushed matt rose gold - especially the larger bangles layered with fine creme marble beaded bracelets. Such a modern and cool look for Summer! 



A “workable” wardrobe

After spending time with the girls at the DYRBERG/KERN headquarters, I definitely picked up that a popular wardrobe mantra was that everything in your wardrobe must go with everything. Silver can be worn with gold and there is no reason why you can’t wear 3 necklaces layered together, whether you are in jeans and a tee or a little black dress. Fine-layered necklaces are easy to wear and great for someone who doesn’t like wearing one statement jewellery item. Simply add or remove a necklace to turn up or turn down the volume of your look.



It's no secret that I love mixing metals. It's important to style items together but always add an unpredictable piece. The RYSIA hoop necklace is my winner this season, I wear it with anything and everything. The asymmetrical placement of the crystals makes this necklace edgy and fun. When I'm not wearing my RYSIA necklace, I live in my barely there ABERA earrings; sleek, modern, minimal! I style these earrings with a high neck black top, blazer and white brogues, with my two favourite rings; ROKIA and SCULPT. 



There is no doubt that Danish girls are born with an excellent sense of style. They nail the uncomplicated approach to looking great, whether they are biking to the office, or out for a glass of wine with the girls. The one style memo I took away from being in Copenhagen is… Don’t over think it and you won’t over do it. 


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