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Danish Naturals

Get stylist Tracy Ilton's tips on this seasons trends.

Be in the know this season with insiders tips from our in-store and internationally trained personal stylist Tracy Ilton.

As we wave goodbye to our glorious summer and transition into the cooler months, one trend we are seeing is a move from over-styling into a more streamlined and natural look.  No-one achieves this like the Danish who truly understand the beauty in natural materials the meaning of “less is more”. 



One key to achieving this effortless chic vibe of the Danish is to embrace natural tones and natural fibres into your wardrobe and accessories. Think lush merinos and rich leathers mixed with grey opal, soft rose quartz and green amazonite. These are extremely wearable and will elevate any subtle colour palette. I choose to include these soft hues through my jewellery by adding a statement earring or a stack of bangles.



Layering is still in, however layer with restraint in mind. Your goal is to create a focal point and break the idea of a cloned uniform. Jewellery is a fantastic way to break a mass produced look and it has been designed to be worn in your own unique way. This is why I am particularly in love with DYRBERG/KERN’s Compliments rings collection. You can quickly and very easily twist on a topper and change your ring or rings to suit your outfit.



The concept of ‘Less is more’ is also about what you are buying and the quality of the products you are buying. I use this a lot when looking at clothing, footwear and of course accessories. Buy well, don’t buy a lot, a rule I live by is; purchase the best I can afford. When curating your wardrobe think about ‘cost per wear’. What can seem a bargain can actually be costlier than if you are investing in pieces that you will wear over and over and remain looking stylish. My tip is to have a few beloved ‘go to’ earrings, ring and bangles which you can wear with absolutely anything.



When styling, creating confidence is the main goal. Whatever your style is, you are worth investing in. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best every day. Invest in pieces which can be simply transformed into a uber cool statement with a piece of jewellery. Jewellery is a quick way to keep your wardrobe fresh and add your personal touch. Stay on trend and shop smartly with natural materials and tones.


Below are my favourite wardrobe enhancers from DYRBERG/KERN this season.


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