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Meet Mary

Find out how the stunning kiwi fashion blogger Mary lives and what her favourite trends for Autumn are.

What is your background?

I come from a background working in Radio Television/Media and Fashion. Fashion is in my genes, like it is in any woman’s to shop and if you don’t like shopping welllll then you’re one of very few!

I was born in Christchurch but grew up mostly in sunny Nelson, then spent a number of years working in Christchurch before venturing to work and explore overseas in both London and Sydney. At the start of 2014 I decided to start my own visual fashion blog to stay in touch with being creative and have a platform to show others everything that I love.


Tell us about your style.

I would describe my style as classic yet fun and not necessarily complicated to achieve. There is nothing greater then someone wearing a simple, effortless outfit. As well as my clothing, an important part of my look is to pay attention to the details – hair, lips, nails and a touch of jewellery to get the look I want. I will adjust my style according to what the event is, but even at a business meeting, I like to bring in my own element of my style, whether this is done through clothing or jewellery.


What trends are you most excited about for autumn?

I think what excites me most is seeing colour, we often find ourselves reverting to blacks, greys and dark shades in the cooler seasons which are still great and I have my fair share of black in the wardrobe, but it is nice to have pops of colour in your outfit like a bright coat, scarf or bag for fun. 


If you had to pick one favourite colour for this season what would it  be?

Pink! Such a girl, right? However, I seriously love it, yes its super girly but so great and pretty to wear. I see something pink and just have to have it. 


What lipstick colours should all girls have in their make up bag?

Nude or Neutral and something bright. Nudes and brown are trending at the moment but also look good on EVERYONE, they truly work in with any outfit and to any occasion. 


What's a typical working day like for you?

I have just started my own creative agency working in social media, marketing, styling and being a creative for all things fashion. I like to start my day with a good breakkie believe it or not, such as eggs and salmon or an Elle McPherson protein smoothie, while I check my appointments for the day.  I often plan my outfit the night before to make getting ready easy.  I use a hand-written ‘old school’ diary which I find very effective for keeping track and planning ahead. I keep in touch by cellphone and emails but like to see people face to face too, so may attend a business meeting in a city café, with a large soy flat white at hand!  I often have commitments to see a photographer, check on a business opportunity with a store owner, spend time on my computer preparing a new proposal or researching inspo’s (inspirational images).  I also keep an eye on my Instagram. If I have an evening event to attend, I will make sure I allow time to get ready so might pop in somewhere to get my nails done and relax beforehand.  Each day is different for me at the moment, which is why it is so fun.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

The most obvious answer that comes to mind is to shop!  Its fun to look and its also important for me because I want to be familiar with stores, brands, trends, colours and everything going on in that direction!   I am also extremely social, spending time with my amazing girlfriends and my partner on his family’s farm in Canterbury and I love party and event planning. I recently held a beautiful Diner en Blanc lunch for my birthday and would love to make this an annual affair or bring it to Christchurch. 



What is one of your most favourite staple clothing items?

Black ankle boots, I wear boots with everything they are most definitely my go-to and when you buy a great pair of boots you will have them forever (well almost!). 


What's your guilty pleasure? 

Afghan biscuits: Cafe metro on Papanui Road make the very best ones. Also watching the Kardashians (love them or hate them, its addictive and the entire family is truly fascinating). 


What's one thing you haven’t done yet but would love to do?

I have dreamed of swimming with dolphins my entire life, however I would like to do this in the wild somewhere and not at a wildlife park. 


What’s the best advice you have received?

To live life with no regrets. It’s simple and true, you can’t spend time worrying – just live in the moment and for the future. 




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