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A POP of colour

Kiwi fashion blogger Mary tells how to rock colour this winter.

So - as much as I hate the cold (I definitely begin to hate it a couple months after defrosting my windscreen morning after morning!), there is still a huge level of excitement for the winter trends and a new season filled with lots of layers and colour. 
We do tend to wear darker colours in winter, but if you want to bring in some new tones, then think of saturated browns like clay, coffee, coppers, prune and camel as well as olives and deep greens.  These colours are infused with richness so will never be boring with and against your blacks and you will reach for them again and again in your wardrobe. 
Then there are also vibrant colours popping up like mustard, dark blue and corals. These bold hues stem from designers moving slightly out of the 1970’s trends we have been seeing and into the strong colours of the 80’s.  A statement item such as a jersey, coat, bag or woolen scarf in a bright colour will be warming, cheerful and will really lift your look.
Among all this colour there is another end of the spectrum with neutrals such as all tones of gray, white, black that act as palate cleansers. And what-ever you wear, remember your finishing touches like having your makeup fresh, nails done and your jewellery on –  to set everything off, as this will bring your look to the next level. 
When finishing off your look with jewellery pay attention to colour and tone. The gold and rose gold metallics are perfect to go with the warmer earth tone colours you will be wearing this winter and the turquoise and coral colours will look great against greys, winter whites and neutrals adding ‘prettiness’ and making you feel special and super glam! Be set for any event or special occasion.
If you’re like me and do want something simple then add just a watch and one to two stacking bracelets. Not only is a watch amazingly useful of course, but it transcends with all your outfits and adds a bright, but classic touch. You will always feel ‘dressed’ with a great watch and if you’re keeping things simple, then it will keep you feeling sleek and finished in an uncomplicated way.
You may already be someone who naturally wears a lot more jewellery on the daily and you show your personality through your accessories which is great. But if you’re not, then don’t be afraid of wearing these multiple pieces or multiple coloured pieces together. This seasons Dyrberg/Kern colours work together and a good look is easily achieved when built on a neutral coloured outfit. Stack your bracelets or rings, add a watch and some earrings and then own your outfit.   


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