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AW18 Style Update

Tracy Ilton Stylist talks about the change of season and how to re-work your wardrobe with a few key accessories


It's never easy leaving the last summer days behind. But it can be exciting to embrace those first days of autumn. It does, however, leave your wardrobe in limbo. How to make the transition? We chat to Tracy Ilton Stylist about the change of season and how to re-work your wardrobe with a few key accessories.


What is your favourite trend coming into autumn?

Designers are banking on the return of night-time escapades, and a revival of dressing up!  We’re seeing some fantastic oversized accessories hitting the runways - especially earrings.  I personally love to pop on a pair of heels, layer a lace cami under a gorgeous jacket with fabulous sleeve detailing, and wear my biggest earrings! 



What is your favourite accessory at the moment?

Definitely the large metallic drop earrings that are an essential this A/W!  We are seeing chunky, architectural jewellery moving from one-off party pieces to everyday accessories.  Like clothing, layering your accessories is a winner too - wear bigger and bolder, and wear it all at once!

Are bolder accessories more important in the cooler months?

Bold accessories can really make your outfit pop, and winter is the perfect time to make a statement.  If you’re wearing a big overcoat and scarf, small earrings will get lost so it’s really important to create balance and harmony with statement accessories.  Earrings are the easiest way to dress up your outfit, and update your look at the same time.



Can you wear statement everything? Earrings, necklace, dress and jacket?

Hell yes you can!  Statement everything works if it’s part of your style personality, and you exude confidence when wearing that look. However, as soon as you start to second guess what you’re wearing, take a few ‘statements’ off until you feel confident. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with statement accessories and a simpler dress/jacket.

How did you get into styling & what would you say your style is?

I have always loved fashion, but learned a long time ago that style is about much more than clothing - it is the quickest way to express who we are without having to speak.  I also wanted to increase the confidence of women - let’s face it, most of us could do with more - so combining my love of style with excellent service for my clients, meant that styling was a great “fit” for me.  My style evolves from day to day, but generally I would describe it as “classic elegance with an edge”


Why is it important to know your style?

When you’re aware of your style personality, it makes it much easier to shop for the items that will work with the rest of your wardrobe and make you feel great.  I suggest having 3 main preferences, like “feminine, edgy, elegant” or whatever yours are - this extends to accessories as well.

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