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Welcome to the world of DYRBERG/KERN, Danish designer jewellery


What does it take to create a brand that resonates with beauty and sensuality in the hearts and minds of women all around the world? It takes someone with exceptional talent, vision, passion and perseverance.

In the case of DYRBERG/KERN, it took two such individuals from two extremely different backgrounds; Henning Kern and Gitte Dyrberg are the masterminds behind this cutting edge, designer jewellery company.

Henning and Gitte founded DYRBERG/KERN in 1985 and celebrating over 30 years of DYRBERG/KERN. They are both active daily in daily operations, as the creative heart and soul of the international company.



DYRBERG/KERN is a designer jewellery and watch brand. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1985.

D/K clearly stands apart from the rest with their iconic bold and carefully crafted handmade pieces. It is a jewellery brand with an aesthetic planted solidly in both Scandinavian soil and international trend.

The D/K mission is clear: To be a preferred choice for modern and confident women to express their style and beauty.


All designs are exclusively made in-house by the Scandinavian design team. Each piece is hand crafted and undergo many different processes; from casting, polishing and plating of the metal base, to hand braiding of leather, to cutting and insertion of precious stones and brilliant crystals. Each piece of jewellery goes through about 40 different processes and each piece comes with a one year warranty.

All of the jewellery lives up to high environmental standards. Part of the design philosophy is to sustain high environmental standards in the quality of the product. All jewellery is hypoallergenic and is lead, nickel and cadium free.









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